Boost Website Traffic
Convert Your Leads

Boost Website Traffic
Convert Your Leads

We are a full-service agency dedicated to maximizing your web conversions

You have a website, but.

You have invested time, effort, and money into building your website, yet it fails to convert leads or generate any profit. It’s like a fancy storefront with no customers walking through the door. We understand your frustration, and we have the solution to turn your website around.
  • Low Traffic: Your website isn’t attracting enough visitors, making it hard to generate any meaningful engagement or sales.
  • Poor User Experience: Visitors leave your site quickly due to confusing navigation, slow loading times, or an unappealing design.
  • Lack of Conversions: Even if you get traffic, it’s not converting into leads, sales, or any form of profit.
  • Ineffective SEO / PPC: Your website isn’t optimized for search engines or does not target the right audience.

Your website will deliver results and support your goals

We specialize in turning underperforming websites into powerful business tools. With our comprehensive approach, your website will transform from a static online presence into a dynamic, profit-generating machine.

Higher Conversion Rates

Turn more visitors into customers with optimized landing pages, effective calls-to-action, and persuasive copy.

Increased Website Traffic

Experience a surge in visitors through enhanced SEO, targeted PPC campaigns, and compelling content.

Better ROI on Marketing Spend

Maximize the return on your marketing investment with data-driven strategies and continuous optimization.

Competitive Advantage

Stay ahead of your competitors with cutting-edge digital marketing techniques and a proactive approach.

Smallthings has been an invaluable extension of the Malbek team, spearheading our massive website rebranding initiative. Their creativity and attention to detail have transformed our web identity, capturing the essence of our brand vision. Their SEO and PPC expertise are going to significantly boost our website traffic, putting Malbek on the map in a way we never thought possible.

Ed Breault
Chief Marketing Officer at Malbek

Smallthings is one of our preferred partners. We were impressed by the amount of precision and the professional standard by which they approach our projects. They care about knowing the ins and outs of our clients' business, and work with us to deliver exactly what is needed. As a web development company their precision, flexibility and reliability are very much appreciated, and also show in the quality of the final products.

Gábor Kulicz
Managing Director, Brightly

As a client-facing business, we wanted to be sure to work with a web development company who understood our bottom line, but also knows how to get through to customers. Smallthings took the time to learn all about our service and industry, and kept our business goals top of mind throughout the project.

Samuel Chapman
Vice President, Content & Communications, Aprimo

Design, development and conversion rate optimization

Learn more about our services and what you can achieve with us.

Wordpress & HubSpot CMS

Using WordPress and HubSpot CMS, we create functional, customized websites for lead gen, marketing and blogging.
WordpressWP EngineWordpress VIPHubspot

Custom Development

We offer custom solutions that integrate with ERP, CRM, or DAM, ensuring fast, secure, and efficient performance.
LaravelPHPNode JSExpress JSKotlinAngularReactReduxjQueryVue JSReact NativeIonicNext JS

Marketing Tools, Data & Analytics

We integrate analytics and CRM tools to provide insights for data-driven decisions, optimizing user journeys and engagement.
Google AnalyticsGoogle Tag ManagerGoogle Looker StudioHotjarHubspotOptimizely6senseMutinyZoomInfoChili Piper


We also focus on CRO for better user experience and conversions, including SEO and PPC planning, execution, reporting.
Core Web VitalsGoogle LighthouseSemrushAhrefsGoogle Search ConsoleGoogle AdsLinkedInMeta Ads


We tailor solutions to your goals, using the right tech and guiding you to success. Your success is our priority.
SlackZoomMicrosoft TeamsGoogle Meet

UX/UI Design

We design websites based on your brand and goals, ensuring user-focused, pixel-perfect solutions for success.
FigmaAdobe XDMiro BoardDraw IO

Meet our team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
Simon Erdély
Managing Director
András Fodor
Dániel Tasi
Development Lead
Abel Iacovides
Account Manager
András Erdély
Head of Digital Marketing
Edina Holczer-Kiss
Operations Manager
Dániel Ránki
Project Manager
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Frequently asked questions

Do you work with WordPress and HubSpot CMS?
Yes, we specialize in WordPress and HubSpot CMS. We can build, customize, and optimize websites using these platforms, ensuring they are user-friendly, scalable, and aligned with your business goals.
What marketing tools do you integrate with websites?
We integrate a range of marketing tools with your website, including email marketing platforms, ABM tools, CRM systems, and analytics software. This enhances your marketing capabilities and streamlines your operations.
How do you ensure a smooth migration to a new CMS platform?
We ensure a smooth migration to a new CMS platform by thoroughly planning and executing each step, including data transfer, design replication, functionality testing, and SEO preservation. This minimizes downtime and ensures a seamless transition.
What should I expect during a website consultation?
During a website consultation, our experts will review your site's current state, identify areas for improvement, and provide strategic recommendations. This can include design enhancements, SEO tactics, user experience improvements, and performance optimizations.
Can you develop custom plugins for my website?
Yes, we can develop custom plugins for your website to add specific functionalities tailored to your business needs. This enhances the capabilities of your site and provides a more personalized user experience.
How does UI/UX design impact SEO?
UI/UX design impacts SEO by improving user engagement and reducing bounce rates. A well-designed, user-friendly website encourages visitors to stay longer and interact more, which signals to search engines that your site provides valuable content.
How do you optimize websites for SEO?
We optimize websites for SEO by conducting keyword research, optimizing on-page elements (like meta tags and content), improving site structure, and building high-quality backlinks. Our goal is to enhance your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines.
Can you manage my PPC campaigns?
Yes, we offer PPC campaign management services, including keyword research, bid management, and performance tracking. Our goal is to maximize your ROI by driving targeted traffic and achieving high conversion rates.
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Business-forward strategies that are tailor made and customizable to your needs
Inclusive, comprehensive service
Collaborative creative process
End-to-end software development company
Innovative, cutting-edge technologies and solutions
Individual focus and attention from a versatile and dedicated team
Long term, sustained support